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Why join Storination ?

To create in less than a minute a beautiful Storyboard with awesome content curated by you and others.
Storination lets you create online communities called a Nation, where people share social stories on the same topic. After opening your Nation, you organize your Storyboard, a virtual space where anybody can contribute by adding his own Storify story.

How to start a Nation ?

Connect with your twitter account and open your first Nation. A Nation is an online community on any kind of topic. It's a space where you and other people add into a storyboard social stories. Customize your Nation like a blog by uploading a logo, and a large cover. Now, you can publish a Storify story by collecting photos, video, tweets... or If you prefer, just import social stories directly from Storify to your Nation.

What's a Storyboard ?

A storyboard is an online set of Storify stories curated by you. After opening your Nation, Storination allows you to compile into a storyboard your stories and other people's stories created in Storify. It's very easy to organize your storyboard by adding or removing stories. With the 'favorite story' feature you highlight stories easily. Try our exclusive Storify search box, to directly import stories written by Storify users like, United Nations, Mashable, Washington Post...and tens of thousands other curators.

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